Thursday, 15 March 2012

Blue Bat Beginnings

The story begins with Chris Ayers. Who can be found at I met him at convention I went to and we had the chance to talk. He was so inspiring and motivating telling me how he overcame cancer through his art. At the time I was closing the chapter of my life where I was recovering from a huge college injury. Talking to him inspired me to get back into drawing. I used to love to draw and and I did go to art school of course. I hadn't really done a full drawn piece of art since my injury and speaking to him threw me right back into my sketch books.

Heres my blue little bat. He was drawn the winter I met Chris. Shortly after we met. I was in San Francisco and the new year had just started and with it my desire to do digital art pieces. I have a very 'cute' style as described by a friend so here are my pieces of work from when I started painting on my cintiq again to now where I paint on my cintiq and Ipad.

Also a thank you to all my friends who love my art and have nudged me to blogging.

AG <(^.^)>


  1. Congratualtions on your new blog :) I'd love to see more..I know you are working on some cats :-P