Sunday 22 September 2013

Careful now...

Shes quite the trickster..

I wouldnt trust Harley at all. Her heart belongs to one and one only.. and sometimes not even he can handle her. Here she is in her magnificent beauty. Harley Quinn. Lover, trouble maker, the Jokers first lady. 

She was imagined up on Batmankoff and worked on in photoshop. I actually finished her a bit ago but I've been slammed with work so she's being posted up a little later than expected.

Sunday 8 September 2013

Well hello there

It's seahorses everywhere!!! This little mermaid makes new friends at every corner she turns.. 
She was done in red pencil on tones paper then inked over with a fine sharpie. I guess I'm not done with the mermaids after all :)

Friday 6 September 2013

Belly rubs please!!!

Stormy loves belly rubs as he's half Siamese and he makes cute faces/poses as he asks for them.. Here's my final sketch of the night.. 
Done in my sketchbook using a blue pencil and inked over with a black sharpie. 

So many kitties

I've been watching Stormshadow (one of my little monsters also known as a cat) and drawing... I don't know why I didn't do this before he has such great poses some are awesome some I felt meh with but here they are
Done originally in blue or red pencil and then inked over with a fine tip sharpie. I will add these to my "to paint" list. 

Thursday 5 September 2013

She has groupies!!!

I bet these fish would follow her on tour!! Her voice Is mesmerizing.. The clams and fishes just love to listen to her songs. I guess I was wrong I am not done drawing mermaids yet.. Following today's theme of music ( earlier the dancing mermaid ) and now we know where their music is coming from.. 
This songstress was drawn in red pencil and inked over in black fine point sharpie. She too will wait in line for color to be added to her and her little groupies!! 

Dance with me..

.. To the music!! My final mermaid (maybe) I was listening to music today while I worked and this is the outcome.. Mermaids dancing underwater with fish!! 
This was done while sitting in union square. I used a blue pencil and inked with a fine black sharpie. I need to start painting these mermaids but I don't know if I can stop drawing them long enough to pick up a paint brush :) 

The clams are smitten..

.. And falling in love!! More mermaids!! Another pre-photoshop sketch! More of me enjoying the sun in union square. In SF our summers happen in August and Sept and when that happens my brain goes to the ocean and the magical creatures of the deep.. These little clams just can't stop falling hard for this mermaid as she pets them. Cupid's arrows hit the waters a little early. 
Done with red pencil in my sketchbook. Inked over with a fine sharpie. Soon to be transferred to photoshop for color to be added. 

He tells such wild tales..

And she wonders how true they are!! More mermaids! I've been hanging out in union square in SF drawing mermaids and figured I should post my sketches before adding color to them
I will be adding color to these soon w photoshop via batmankoff :)

The catfish..

.. Purr when she pets them!! More mermaids!!! Drawing in union square SF has brought me back to mermaids.. I can't stop drawing them lately. Here's the sketch in my book before I take it to photoshop! 
Done with blue pencil and inked over afterwards with a fine point sharpie. Soon I have color added via photoshop and batmankoff.