Thursday 12 April 2012

Springtime in Vancouver

The days in springtime Vancouver..

are so beautiful. I was staring at trees today... and felt the need to just draw some of the beauty I saw. Its still cold but at least its pretty up here. The flowers are in bloom and so amazing and we dont get this back home in San Francisco. A simple quick study piece done on Batmankoff.


Friday 6 April 2012

Wild Bunny

Since Easter is practically here it\'s time for bunnies!! This beautiful wild rabbit was done using Batgirl and some reference pictures. The photos were a guide for my eye to what realistic rabbits looked like. As soon as I had an idea I started sketching directly onto Batgirl.

Thursday 5 April 2012

The Flirt

I'd like to introduce my latest piece. I love this one. Its like you and I have snuck in through the seaweed from behind and caught him in the act. Like these mermaids I cant help but giggle at that thought a little. They blush lightly as he flirts with them all at the same time, blissfully too lost in their enchantments to turn and notice us. 

Sketched originally on a notepad and taken into Batmankoff to be painted after work. It took a little longer than I thought it would with Batmankoff but I suppose its because of the multiple characters and my desire to keep up with all the details. 


Sunday 18 March 2012

Lucky Little Leprechaun

Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone!

Meet Lucky. She really is, isn't she? On her favorite day of the year she's found her pot of gold. Lucky was sketched out on Friday and taken into Batmankoff Saturday. My coworker came in to work all dressed up (in the outfit you see above) for St. Patty's Day. Her only complaint of the day was she didn't have a pot of gold. I'm sure meeting Lucky will make up for all of that.

Friday 16 March 2012

Making New Friends

Mermaid 2

This is the second in my mermaid series. She's a bit more shy than the rest. Even the fish have to approach her slowly to get her to come out from behind her fins. When I got them all together and after I was done with my first painting I figured I should paint her next. She was sketched at work on a small pad and taken to Batmankoff.

Laughing Under the Sea

Mermaid 1

I'd like you to meet the first mermaid of my series of five. She was actually the last design of the five I drew. I like her so much because she laughs at life and enjoys her time with her fishy friends. I tested different colors but because I love purple so much I settled on it for her hair. This little mermaid was my first painting of this year. Drawn on scratch paper while at work and painted on Batmankoff 

I like her because regardless of the fact that I was sick with strep throat she gave me something to do to push through my recovery. I'm not a home body at all so painting her eased the difficulty of being stuck at home fighting sickness. I was happy to go back to work but also happy I had time to paint her.  Over the next week or so I will be posting the other four mermaids with other art.

Marshmallow Bats

Meet the marshmallow bats. They can be found in Honduras. A few of these little mischievous guys could fit in the palm of your hand. They are another one of my pieces who originated from watching the series "Planet Earth." They looked so adorable napping on large tree leaves that  I had to draw my own version.  The little one in the center is a bit too happy for his own good. The others obviously know he's up to something. I eventually made a case for Batgirl (the Ipad2) with this sketch. It is made of felt on it. I worked on these guys mid flights. I was flying from Los Angeles to Canada before moving to Vancouver when I finished them.

*side note: I tend to name my inanimate computerized objects. After superheroes.

Party Penguins

Meet my winter penguins. They made their debut this last christmas of 2011. Poor little guy in the center right. He was told to wear a formal tie for picture day but not which kind. While the others look stunned that hes not dressed appropriately he's just happy he made it in time. These little guys were designed and created on Batgirl (my Ipad2) while flying from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The art programs on the Ipad are quite remarkable.The idea for these adorable little waddlers came from another disc of "Planet Earth." It really is an amazing series that I recommend everyone watch at some point if you have the time. You'll learn so much more than you thought about our planet and its inhabitants. 

Alternate Love Birds

This alternate was created while searching through some old black and white photos I found. I looked at my art work and thought hmmm... I wonder. Sometimes its as simple as that.

Love Birds

My artistic style changes from time to time as you can see. Its simply because i'm an artist of course. I just cant paint one way and one way only. Here with a little change I present: My Lovebirds.

The idea for them came while spending time with my boyfriend Nick. He was sharing the series "Planet Earth" with me. An amazing series where a few more of my ideas spawned. While we were watching one of the discs on birds of all kinds I pulled out my sketchbook and started drawing. I realized I was drawing on pink paper and soon after a few different sketches I finally settled on this one to take to Batmankoff (my cintiq). I spent an entire day just working on these cute little lovers. 

Sleepy Sheep

I love this little guy. His name is Bo since he belongs to Miss Peep. She has a pretty hard time getting him to jump off that cloud in the mornings and join the other sheep while they graze. My little sleepy sheep was dreamt up on a late night where I couldn't sleep. I was counting sheep and thought to myself.. "Do sheep count sheep to fall asleep?" That little tongue twister got me pulling out my sketchbook and bringing Bo to life.

Face Your Fears

I'd like to think that elephants aren't as really terrified of mice as we're taught when we're kids. Im sure the peanut offering did help this little guy cope with the mouse caught in his trunk. This is continual art from that ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco. How better to kill time than to sketch your discussions? 

Dare to Be Different

The drive home from Los Angeles to San Francisco was lengthy so our discussions of differences of people continued onward for a while and out of it came this piece of art. I love turtles. They enjoy life slowly. I can't decide wether that little guy at the end decided to run and catch up or just walk upright to stand out. 


This little alligator and his feathery friend were originally doodled on the drive home Los Angeles to San Francisco. This was before I moved to LA. I went with a few girlfriends and we were discussing the values of friendship regardless of how different people can be. 

Thursday 15 March 2012

Blue Bat Beginnings

The story begins with Chris Ayers. Who can be found at I met him at convention I went to and we had the chance to talk. He was so inspiring and motivating telling me how he overcame cancer through his art. At the time I was closing the chapter of my life where I was recovering from a huge college injury. Talking to him inspired me to get back into drawing. I used to love to draw and and I did go to art school of course. I hadn't really done a full drawn piece of art since my injury and speaking to him threw me right back into my sketch books.

Heres my blue little bat. He was drawn the winter I met Chris. Shortly after we met. I was in San Francisco and the new year had just started and with it my desire to do digital art pieces. I have a very 'cute' style as described by a friend so here are my pieces of work from when I started painting on my cintiq again to now where I paint on my cintiq and Ipad.

Also a thank you to all my friends who love my art and have nudged me to blogging.

AG <(^.^)>